“Bold and Bright: Making Color Work”        

Loo, Florida’s Hippo

Artist / Instructor: Linda Pelc
February 6 – 9, 2018
Palms Conference Center
Panama City Beach, FL
Sponsored by: Beach Art Group

Course Description

In this workshop Linda will share her playful approach to manipulating color in watercolor painting. She will help participants understand the characteristics of each pigment in order to make use of their bold and bright properties.

The beginning problem redesigns the look of the traditional color wheel while experimenting with relationships one color has to another color. The knowledge learned here will then be applied to elements of nature such as skies and flowers. The final project will apply all that is learned to a southern landscape.

A variety of techniques will be used: washes, underpainting, feathering, scrumbling, splashing, dot spraying, finger painting and even a little bit of pouring. (Bring an apron.)

This workshop is designed to be fun for beginners to advanced painters. Forget traditional methods of watercolor painting. Expect surprises.

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